mindlab-product-packaging-2aPACKAGING DESIGN

Great packaging can inspire, engage and form strong emotional connections to the product but if you want consumers to interact with your product they have to see it.

We think that we are rational objective judges of what we encounter but the truth is that first impressions count. We are all primed by our first encounters with a product and then we search for evidence that fits with what we’ve already decided is right.

So, capturing consumers’ attention is vital. How they feel on their first interaction with your product based on its packaging will shape everything. At Mindlab we provide the tools and insight to help guide packaging design and ensure that your product will instantly capture consumers’ attention on the shelf and be easily recognised.

At all stages in the creative process from pre-design through to final evaluation we can tell you which elements on the packaging stand out, and which don’t. We can also show you how well your packaging fits with your brand identity and its core values. Find out how…