Not all decisions are rational

At Mindlab we are passionate about uncovering the real drivers of consumer behaviour, because we don’t just ask people what they think, we measure gut feelings and intuitive perceptions.

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The science of decisions


The decisions we make are heavily influenced by factors outside of our conscious awareness. If you want to understand the real drivers of consumer behaviour you need to go beyond what people say.

Our online neuromarketing consumer research tools are founded on System 1 implicit testing. They allow us to quantitatively test anyone, anywhere. We uncover behavioural and subconscious consumer insight that transforms the effectiveness of your marketing communications.

Most decision making is unconscious

Don’t rely on just asking people. When you need to test packaging, ads or messaging, we measure intuitive responses so you make the right choices.

Brand research

Your brand is surrounded by a rich network of associations, from qualities to feelings to imagery. Our research uncovers what people intuitively associate with your brand and the competition.

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Ad effectiveness

In a world full of distractions, your ads have to cut through in the right way. We find out how your communications influence people’s feelings about your brand and product, and how to optimise them.

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Packaging testing

People think that they are rational objective judges of what we encounter but the truth is that first impressions count. We are all primed by our first encounters with a product and then we search for evidence that fits with what we’ve already decided is right.

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Behaviour Change

Simply telling people to change, or giving them information and expecting them to act on it, doesn’t work. If you want to influence people, you need to look into what is driving their current behaviour.

About behaviour change

How we do it

How we do it

Our online testing platform is built on principles of psychology and behavioural science, mirroring the processes people use to make their day-to-day decisions. Putting people under time pressure forces them to rely on their shortcuts and make decisions much closer to how they would behave in the real world (compared to if we were just asking in-depth questions). Our tests allow us to also measure people’s strength of associations and ease of processing through analysing reaction times, but can be used for many other applications such as measuring visual attention. Each project is bespoke and tailored to your research questions and commercial needs.

How we do it

Why you should do it

Getting insightful consumer input throughout your development of new products, designs, ads and services, but also understanding how you sit in the competitive space, is crucial for you to make the right decisions confidently.

You might have used more traditional types of market research before which weren’t able to accurately show you how people would react in the real world, or lacked the depth of actionable insight. Our methods are grounded in psychology and behavioural science, allowing us to design research for you that truly answers your needs.

  • Reason 1 – Research has to reflect the processes underlying people’s decisions – that’s where we come in.
  • Reason 2 – Our research gives more than just yes/no answers. It provides actionable insights on what is working well and what should be improved (and how!).
  • Reason 3 – Strategically investing in the right kind of research at the right time will save you money and prevent you from making costly mistakes down the line.

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We are not your typical insight company. We like to think of ourselves as Decision Scientists with an understanding of the sometimes irrational ways people do what they do. Find out what’s really driving your customer’s choices.

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