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Mindlab helped a major European supermarket chain to examine their key television assets. In particular, their advertising had held several themes for a long period of time yet they were unsure as to their specific contribution to the company image in changing economic times. We were able to offer insight that they had not garnered from their existing approaches and methodologies, and inform them on the best actions heading forward in uncertain times.

We performed a communications audit for the retail arm of one of the UK’s largest banks. This helped to demonstrate to regulators of their efforts to communicate about the products they offer with customers in the clearest and most efficient manner possible.

Mindlab worked with a major savings and investment company to tailor their client communications in order to increase uptake of financial products. In particular we investigated how emotional tone and imperative statements would affect responses to these communications and subsequently affect the future saving behaviour of the customer.

Mindlab helped a major UK household insurance provider to better understand the true emotional drivers of vehicle purchasing decisions. This enabled the client to better tailor communication of their insurance offerings to the target car owners.

We worked in conjunction with a large supermarket chain to better understand patterns of consumption in their consumer base. This information enabled the client to understand the effect of context and multi-sensory stimulation in shopper purchasing behaviour.

We worked in conjunction with a global mobile handset manufacturer to gain insight into the impact of design upon the end user experience as well as their creativity and cognitive abilities.

We worked with a major UK insurance firm that had amassed a colossal number of television brand equities. The company could not retain all of these moving forward but did not understand which were contributing to the brand and which had little or negative effect. We were able to offer clear recommendations on which equities to keep and which to lose.

We worked with a major UK charity to investigate public perceptions of different types of exercise to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Mindlab worked as key advisers during Latin American gubernatorial elections. Specifically we were tasked with determining how key campaign messages emotionally affected the electorate and how this information could be leveraged in television broadcasts to increase support for the candidate.

Mindlab worked in one the largest cities in Latin America on a major public health initiative to reduce road deaths. Following years of faltering initiatives we were tasked with making an emotional connection with the public to drive home the key messages of pedestrian safety.

We worked with one of Europe’s leading wine brands to understand what consumers feel about client and competitor brands and the effect of advertising on brand perceptions.

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