mindlab-testimonials-bannersDON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT…

…we’re finalists for BSBA Finalistusiness Innovation of the Year, and hear what our clients have to say.


“For over a decade the most consistently imaginative, reliable, media savvy research consultancy I know”.

Graham Lancaster –  Former Chairman – Biss Lancaster Euro RSCG

“Mindlab are great partners to have. They are not only great thinkers they are also great doers.”

Gavin Lewis, Creative Director Hope & Glory

“We worked with Mindlab to evaluate our advertising, using neuromarketing techniques. This allowed us to go much deeper and have more accurate answers. Now, as we are working on new campaigns we have a much better insight on what works and what doesn’t add value.”

Martim Guedes, Board Director – Aveleda Wines

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Mindlab. Their expertise in monitoring behaviour of individuals through neurometrics helps us to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in political messages and allows us to tweak political communication to maximize their effect. This gives us a unique approach to monitoring political intelligence.”

Paulo Moura – Executive Director – Exata Consulting Political Intelligence (Brazil)

“MindLab approach projects with skill and tenacity; they are good at what they do and a pleasure to work with.”

Phil Graves – Associate Director Frontier Economics

“We’ve worked with the team at Mindlab on several projects – what they do has helped us make our content more compelling.  Their scientific studies set our clients’ stories apart from the competition and, ultimately, get us more coverage.”

Joe Dyble – Director & Co-founder, On-Broadcast Communications

“We worked with Mindlab on a campaign to launch Radox Spa. Mindlab’s contribution was invaluable; having the scientific research to back up our claims gave us a really robust, credible, engaging story. The story was picked up by several national newspapers, countless websites and broadcast channels around the world. The video which we created, featuring a Mindlab spokesperson, has been viewed on YouTube over 120,000 times in just a few weeks. The radio interviews with Dr David Lewis were all fantastic. Mindlab really know their stuff and totally understand how a PR campaign works. They were a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again.”

Hannah Morgan – Senior Account Manager, Mischief PR

“Mindlab are a community of academics. They have developed a very impressive machine learning protocol at the calibration phase of their study which was most impressive and they were very open and honest around a lot of the limitations that they encounter which was very refreshing for the review panel.”

Duane Varan (Chief Research Officer, Disney Media & Advertising Lab) Talking at Re:Think 2011 ARF Neurostandards Collaboration

“I’ve worked with MindLab over many years on both television and market research projects, often with a very fast turn around.

I have had a uniformly positive experience of working with them at the planning, execution and delivery stages each and every time.

They are always timely in getting back to me with constructive criticism on my often outlandish propositions.
Everyone I’ve worked with has been friendly, enthusiastic, yet measured in their advice on how best to achieve the projects’ goals.

They have always shown a patient willingness to engage in a collaborative process of designing a suitable protocol with the tricky studies. This is vital to me because, as a neuroscientist, I know the devil is in the detail and insist on understanding everything.

Delivery of the results has always been on schedule and invariably my clients are overjoyed with the end product.

Most companies in this new sector are fly-by-night cowboys who say yes to any proposition to turn a fast profit, irrespective of whether the data are likely to be meaningful.

With Mindlab you get people with considerable experience who will be clear with you on what is and isn’t possible; never over-promising and, in my experience, delivering what’s needed everytime.”

Jack Lewis (Ph.D.), Managing Director – Neuroformed Consulting