A REAL People’s Choice Awards at the FABs

By Duncan Smith

A new category was added at this week’s International Food and Beverage Creative and Effectiveness Awards. And it was decided by a public vote with a difference.

This award is inspired by Derek Johnson at Family (and friends), who wants to harness everyday people and uncover which pack design they intuitively love.

FAB Awards teamed up with Mindlab and Link Consumer to develop a bespoke process which now gives us the first ever FAB Choice Award.

A representative (and therefore diverse) base of 1,000 people from the UK took part in an online study. This was not just a simple survey, but a test designed by psychologists with the intent of uncovering what the public actually feel (not think) about the designs. These individuals became “lay-judges” for the 21 Silver or Gold FAB design winners.

Ahead of the online study, qual research uncovered four factors which matter the most: being Striking, Imaginative, Irresistible and Groundbreaking. Our respondents took part in a series of intuitive tasks specifically designed to get right to the heart of how a design can evoke these attributes. We didn’t allow respondents to ponder the ‘Irresistibility’ of a design – they had to feel it instantly! To add richness of understanding we also asked them ‘why’ they loved their preferred design. Then with a light dose of mathematical wizardry, we determined the winners.

The first People’s Choice Award went to Design Bridge for Smirnoff’s Choose Love limited edition bottles which were available during Pride 2017, showing that the best packaging is not just about beautiful design, but also meaning and purpose.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists and here’s to another year of packaging innovation.

Click here for more on how we uncover what people actually feel. 


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