We won! Mindlab takes home MRS Award for NSPCC partnership 🏆

By Duncan Smith

Mindlab is pleased to announce that our work with the NSPCC to optimise strategic planning has been recognised by the highly-regarded industry association MRS (Market Research Society). At the MRS Awards 2021, we won the Applications of Research award.

Our brand research proved that the perceived ‘sadness’ of a charity negatively correlates with donation intent. This affirmed the charity’s shift from hard-hitting campaigns to revealing how they help children.

The judges recognised our research as a potential catalyst for real change across the entire charity sector saying:

“Total brand transformation! Interesting findings, including how the sad/negative connotations to the brand can limit donations. This could set change in motion for many other charities.”

“Mindlab’s methodology allowed us to get beyond claimed behaviour, and …gave us a clear steer on how we could stretch our brand to work harder for fundraising.”
Rachel McCourty, Insight Manager, NSPCC

To find out more about the research, check out our case study here.

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