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Our testing platform allows us to measure key implicit metrics such as visual saliency/standout and findability, brand & product associations and attitudes. We can test anyone around the world in any language by using our panel partners to provide targeted respondents for your studies.

We have extensive experience in brand, advertising and product design; however the scope of our online tools is by no means limited to these fields. If you have a new project in mind, get in touch and find out more about the different options.

Implicit testing

Measuring gut feelings and subconscious attitudes

These tools measure people’s implicit subconscious attitudes towards words and imagery associated with your brand or products.

Implicit testing

Measuring visual attention

Measuring visual attention

What elements of a visual display capture the viewer’s attention and how easy are they to find?

Measuring visual attention

Mindlab’s methodology allowed us to get beyond claimed behaviour, and was received with great interest by client teams, our Executive Board and Board of Trustees. The research gave us a clear steer on how we could stretch our brand to work harder for fundraising. This insight around communicating impact and progress is one my team continues to champion internally. I’ve also adjusted our existing brand tracking so it covers all key drivers of donating intent we identified, and our wider teams have used the research to inform our direction of travel.

Rachel McCourty - Insight Manager at The NSPCC

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