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Qual at Scale

Are you interested in fast online focus group testing at scale?

The quanti-qual community-based digital platform utilises AI, algorithms and machine learning to manage the activity and analyse your data to provide you with just that.

Through this community-based digital activity, Mindlab can now conduct research sessions with up to 1000 people interacting in real time, across various markets, to gain a nuanced qualitative understanding of consumers’ attitudes and opinions at a quantitative scale. This online community activity allows in-depth exploration of products, communication assets, and brand identity.

The platform asks people to respond in their own words, but then additionally allows other participants to agree or disagree with the individual responses, allowing us to identify particularly resonant themes. This enables us to identify the different ways that products or company assets are perceived by different groups.


This new offering allows clients to get a deeper understanding of the ‘why’ behind unconscious associations, making it the perfect addition to round out our implicit testing methodologies.

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