mindlab-did-you-know-bannerDID YOU KNOW…

  • Weightless by Marconi Union is one of the world’s most relaxing music tracks (Radox Spa/MischiefPR)
  • Stay at home parents get more stressed than city traders (Radox/SlicePR)
  • Being in pain affects your perception of time (Neurofen/LexisPR)
  • Catching the bus each day provides on average half of your daily recommended exercise (Greener Journeys/Sputnik Comms)
  • The sound of a baby crying is most likely to wake you up at night – if you are a woman (Lemsip Max/The SPA Way)
  • Beans means Hugs – Beans on toast is the British No. 1 Comfort food (Heinz/CowPR)
  • Nikon: Aiming to get the perfect sports day picture causes more stress than taking shots at occasions such as weddings, birth-days or graduations (Brands 2 life)
  • Bahlsen: The perfect ratio of chocolate to biscuit is 3:2 (Cirkle)
  • Carphone warehouse: losing mobiles phones causes deep emotional distress (JCPR)
  • Cotton USA: Wearing cotton makes your brain sing (Kaizo)
  • Standard Life: A positive message is more likely to make you save for the future (Team Spirit)