mindlab-product-packaging-2aPACKAGING DESIGN

Great packaging can inspire, engage and form strong emotional connections to the product.

People think that they are rational objective judges of what we encounter but the truth is that first impressions count. We are all primed by our first encounters with a product and then we search for evidence that fits with what we’ve already decided is right.

At Mindlab we have quantitative pack testing methodologies that allow flexibility and scalability depending on your project objectives and scope.

We offer a series of implicit and explicit tests that can be easily incorporated at various design stages in the design process including:

  • Pack associations – what the pack makes people feel about the product
  • Visibility at the point of sale – e.g. shelf standout
  • Pack element standout – visibility of design components
  • Product comprehension – what the pack communicates
  • Product liking – preference between packaging alternatives

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