mindlab-eye-tracking-bannerEYE TRACKING

mindlab-heat-map-gaze-plot-3Eye tracking is a powerful tool that can measure exactly where consumers are looking, and when.

This allows us to measure which stimuli capture attention, and which stimuli hold visual attention.

How does it work?

The eye tracker has infra-red cameras focussed on the eyes and records their movement. This allows us to measure exactly how quickly stimuli capture attention, what proportion of viewers look at each element, how many times people fixate on a stimulus, and how long people look at different elements.


Heat maps show how long people look at different locations, and gaze plots show the sequence of eye movements. We also present graphically how many times, and for how long people look at certain locations (e.g. branding) to give insight into how people allocate their visual attention to your communications. These are interpreted by people who know their stuff  and  implications and recommendations for your communications are discussed. Video stimuli are presented with a bee swarm of fixation points representing each viewer.