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There is a problem with just asking people questions. Most of our decision making processes are unconscious. We post-rationalise our decision but can’t always tell you why we really made them.

Mental shortcuts, biases and past behaviours influence the choices we make but they are not immediately obvious. Even when we are sure our decisions are completely rational, subconscious processes have helped us reach our conclusions. At Mindlab, we measure people’s intuitive gut responses because they are the best predictors of behaviour.

The report was really useful; we’ve already put the learnings in the campaign development pack. Thanks again – it’s always hit or miss when you try something for the first time and this was definitely a hit.

Colin Alegwa - Marketing Intelligence Manager - UBER

Brand research

Your brand is surrounded by a rich network of associations, from qualities to feelings to imagery. Our research uncovers what people intuitively associate with your brand and the competition.

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Ad effectiveness

In a world full of distractions, your ads have to cut through in the right way. We find out how your communications influence people’s feelings about your brand and product, and how to optimise them.

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Packaging testing

People think that they are rational objective judges of what we encounter but the truth is that first impressions count. We are all primed by our first encounters with a product and then we search for evidence that fits with what we’ve already decided is right.

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Behaviour Change

Simply telling people to change, or giving them information and expecting them to act on it, doesn’t work. If you want to influence people, you need to look into what is driving their current behaviour.

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Purchase Decision Hierarchy

Every purchase choice requires the balancing of different needs, while also considering various decision factors. We can untangle people’s feelings about these factors in order to help you understand what really matters to your consumers.

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Pricing Research

We help you to identify the contexts in which a price increase is feasible and those where it is not. We can also identify discounting plans or seasonal offers that will increase total demand without hurting profitability.

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Category Review

A category review unveils the intuitive classifications that go on within a category, and then can be used to inspire new product development, design, and merchandising strategies.

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Omnichannel Strategy

Your consumers are having many interactions with you and your competitors every day through more channels than ever before. Our research can help you identify where your consumers are and what messages are going to land best to strengthen their relationship with you.

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Case Studies

See how we’ve applied our unique System 1 approach within a real-world context.
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How we do it

We don’t believe in selling technology, we sell solutions.

Our award winning platform allows us to measure key implicit metrics such as visual saliency/standout and findability, brand & product associations and attitudes. We can test anyone around the world in any language by using our panel partners to provide targeted respondents for your studies.

How we do it

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