What we do

Ad effectiveness

Is your advertising getting the right message across?

Mindlab tests the effectiveness of your print, television and web advertising ensuring it is strategic; attracting the right customers and encouraging them to buy.

We use a combination of scientifically validated online tools to understand the emotional drivers in your advertising. We explore which elements of the advert are engaging, capture attention, are remembered, and make an impact on attitudes and associations with the brand. Research can be conducted at any stage of the creative process, from providing direction on a basic concept or storyboard, to testing the effectiveness of a finished advert.

How we do it


Testing commercials and video

Is your advertising as effective as it can be?

At Mindlab, we work with you to improve your advertising and ensure you avoid costly mistakes. Your advertising will have its own unique objectives, such as:

  • introducing a new brand
  • Shifting brand perceptions
  • Attempting to drive behaviour (such as visit this web page)
  • Entertaining the viewer
  • Conveying factual information

Whether you want to understand the effectiveness of your existing commercials or are interested in understanding how your storyboard will work as a production ready commercial, we have a variety of online tools to help you make the most informed decisions.

We can measure a commercial’s appeal, whether the associations and attitudes towards your brand have been affected by the advertising and whether the desired concepts, ideas and images are remembered consciously and subconsciously.


Testing print and 2D media

How can you ensure your ad is noticed and the relevant information is taken in by viewers to influence their future attitudes and behaviour?


We can measure how engaging a piece of media is by examining which elements capture visual attention, and tracking how people interact with it. For example, we can track how people navigate a website, or which aspects of a print ad consumers find most appealing.

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