What we do

Brand research

Do you know what people think about your brand at a non-conscious level?

We use a comprehensive range of technologies and tools from the disciplines of neuroscience, experimental psychology, and the cognitive, consumer and decision sciences.

For over a decade Mindlab have been at the forefront neuromarketing in the UK. We have the ability to analyse and interpret psychophysiological responses to advertising, marketing and communications in conjunction to our virtual lab. We measure the body and brain’s responses to stimuli to make recommendations to help you create the most effective and engaging communications.

  • What personality traits does your brand have and how strongly do people subconsciously link these to your brand?
  • How can your communications change the strength of these associations and attitudes?
  • Which touchpoints fit well with your brand identity?
  • Does your brand have mobility or is it stuck in a category (and if so, why)?

How do people view your brand?

Answering these questions expertly informs how people view your brand compared to its competitors, allowing you the opportunity to outsmart your competition.

Using global consumer panels to target the right people with scientifically validated tools, Mindlab tests brand attributes quickly and effectively.

How we test

Comparing brands

We can measure how strongly people associate different concepts with your brand, and people’s subconscious attitudes towards your brand.

We can determine which concepts associated with your brand differentiate you from your competitors.

For example, we can check whether your brand is considered to be more or less friendly, affordable or funky compared with its competitors. We can tell you how your communications change the strength of these associations and attitudes towards your brand.

Brand identity

Our tools measure how well the imagery or sounds associated with your brand fits with your current and desired brand identity.

For example, how strongly is your logo associated with the concept of trustworthiness?

How does this compare to the logos of your competitors? We can help you with brand repositioning by determining how well the new positioning fits with your current brand identity and imagery.

Mindlab provides majorly credible and trusted studies to validate our packaging designs. They understand our business and the analysis we need. Their process is more consultative; it is great that we can work collaboratively together. We have a real understanding of their processes and we trust the methodology used to test consumers.

Senior Consumer Planning Manager, Diageo

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