The semiotics of desireAn interview with Dr. Alex Gordon, CEO of Sign Salad Modigliani

Alex has spent the last two decades decoding signs and symbols, first as a lecturer at Goldsmiths and more recently for the UK government and brands like Mars and Pernod Ricard. When it comes to understanding how semiotic insights can impact a brand, he’s the person to talk to. He starts off our discussion for the Mindlab Academy by explaining there are two levels of meaning to every message.

Why “I will listen” should be your new mantra An interview with Mike Herd from the Sussex Innovation Centre Mike Herd Sussex Innovation Centre

We spoke to Mike about how to spot a great idea – and he has a very practical process for working it out. We also discussed his predictions for which sectors will see great success over the next few years – and how innovation has changed over the last twenty years. Expectations have become unrealistic he told us, and there are two drivers for this. Read on to find out what they are.

Fail. An interview with the School of Life’s Barney Whiter on successful failure 

Today’s most successful and inspirational businesses – the Alphabets and Apples of the world – are not bureaucratic and fearful of failure. But how can we all make sure we’re trying out new ways of working and challenging conventional thinking? Barney Whiter runs workshops on How to Fail at The School of Life and reveals his five key tips on failure.

When everyone lies, how can market research work? An interview with best-selling author Philip Graves Philip Graves consumer behaviour expert and author of Consumer.ology

This is a practical three part series on market research revealing the views of Philip Graves, the leading consumer behaviour specialist and author of the business bestseller, Consumer.ology. Philip explains how to use an updated version of his famous AFECT U model, how to gain all-important internal buy-in and what the future of market research really looks like.

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